BodyWisdom's series of Private Sessions is a deeply personalized and customized dive into the physical issue causing your discomfort.

   "Clients come to me with pain in the neck, pain in the back, headaches, shoulder pain, burnout, low energy, pre and post surgery, health prevention and maintenance, pregnancy and parenting, life transition, mental health and spiritual awakening issues. Couples come to practice staying in touch. Babies and elders come because they thrive when they receive loving touch."

Private BodyWisdom Sessions feature: 

  • Two Hours of BodyWork + Follow-Up Phone Call
  • Off-Site Option: You may choose to have your session within the privacy of your own home, or Dawn’s office.
  • Confidentiality: You may choose to include consults with other healthcare providers.
  • Transformational Healing: The issue is resolved at the core so you can move through change easily and fluently.
  • Measurable Outcome: Trackable using BodyWisdom Way Outcome System.

In a Private BodyWisdom Session, you will learn to: 

  • Name and consciously claim body sensations and feelings
  • Increase your tactile and sensual intelligence by awakening sensory receptors in your skin
  • Increase emotional intelligence and expression
  • Increase calm and connection with people, pets and the natural world
  • Improve mental focus
  • Improve physical strength and stamina
  • Increase spiritual connection and clarity
  • Master new body-based approaches to managing stress that are simple to execute any time, anywhere.
  • Feel the power of heart-brain alignment and how it brings you easy execution of the task at hand.


I look forward to sharing BodyWisdom with you...