What happens in a BodyWisdom session?

A BodyWisdom session begins with your question. Something in you is calling for attention.  It can be physical, emotional, intellectual or spiritual.

First, we clearly define the issue and turn it into a question that begins with “How?” “How” questions consciously switch on your body’s intelligence. For example, “How can I access more consistent energy throughout my day?”

Next, I do a reading of your chakras.  I am searching for your most alive connections to Source, Universal Love, to the Co-creative Force that is present in all living things.  BodyWisdom Transformational Bodywork begins here, at the source of your greatest spiritual strength, where it is firmly anchored in your flesh and bones, alive and broadcasting. This Source Spot can be anywhere in your body.

Then I drop into a state of deep meditation myself, falling into synch with your physical body & energy body.  I begin the massage by laying my hands on your Source Spot.   

The massage and bodywork unfolds in a manner that deepens the connection between your physical body, energy body, and Source.  The session can include dance, movement, breathing exercises and engaging the body in poetic dialogue.

“Whatever is unlike your highest and best comes up to be healed.”

Awareness arises, tears and fears unveil themselves, physical pain lifts and shifts. Whatever needs clearing comes to the surface. When we move these obstacles out of the way, love and spiritual nourishment naturally flow in. This vitality cascade rebalances your whole body and being.

At the end of our session, there is time to reflect using poetic dialogue. This boosts the mind’s ability to uncover the answers to your original question. You take home customized exercises to practice and stabilize your body, heart, mind and spirit in this new relationship.

Who is BodyWisdom good for?

BodyWisdom is for women and men interested in profound, integrated healing from a holistic perspective; individuals and organizations longing to thrive in a unified body, heart, mind & spirit.

BodyWisdom’s present centered movement practices and conscious, structured touch tools and body awareness exercises support your whole Being, your ability to move with ease, grace, purpose and passion in a joyous body.

BodyWisdom is highly beneficial for children & teenagers as they grow and mature.

It can be a moving, beautiful way to say goodbye at the end of life.

What kinds of conditions does BodyWisdom help lift & shift?

BodyWisdom has applications at every stage of life. Conscious conception, childbirth, and the caring for infants and toddlers are fully supported. Schooling difficulties, intellectual development, sports preparation and injuries, body image and body awareness, as well as emotional intelligence skills are honed.

Dating and relationship skills are expanded. Finding your work in the world and your unique contribution to the marketplace are developed. We teach body-based decision-making and Transformational Leadership skills.

We help women and men cultivate turned on marriages, spiritual partnerships and conscious relationships so love flows easily and effortlessly.

How many sessions does it take to resolve the issues in my tissues?

Clients who book 3-6 consecutive sessions will usually feel results in that time.

However, each person is unique, so the number of sessions and timing of those sessions varies.