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Business Constellations with Volker Frank

Business Constellations is a process that reveals the impact of hidden social dynamics on your organizational effectiveness. It helps owners, executives and managers understand their contribution to internal challenges and clear ways to resolve them.

Constellations reveal the web of relationships in organizations and provide insights into managing key influencers in order to improve communication, productivity, collaboration, innovation, and flow.

Participants will learn to:

  1. Observe and explore the underlying social dynamics that support alignment and powerful decision-making in teams
  2. Clarify how to approach key individuals and groups of people so they feel appreciated and acknowledged for their contributions in order to resolve conflict
  3. Reveal what gets in the way of the emergence of great team spirit and the experience of flow in teams

Volker Frank is passionate about the development of highly functioning organizations that adapt fluidly and effortlessly to changing external conditions and internal priorities. It is his goal to support organizations to meet their financial objectives in an environment that promotes personal well-being. He has worked across industries and businesses of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

To join Volker & Dawn for Business Constellations, please register here. To request more  more information, please call (857) 294-1416 or email

Later Event: September 29
Family Constellations with Volker Frank