Dawn offers keynotes, interactive lectures & workshops on:

TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERSHIP - Courage is the hallmark of great leaders in every walk of life. Fear is just an issue in your body tissues. Learn how to transform fear into fired up leadership.

ACTIVE MEDITATION: THE MOVERS’ & SHAKERS’ PATH TO MINDFULNESS - For all the movers and shakers who can’t quite get the knack of meditation, chanting a mantra, or even sitting still...here’s the solution.

MOVE YOUR BODY, CHANGE YOUR MIND - Inspired action happens when your heart and mind agree on how to take the next step. Learn how to push through confusion, resistance, running, reacting, fear and loathing.

ATLAS UNBURDENED: LETTING GO OF THE WEIGHT OF THE WORLD - You don’t have to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. These are the moves to unload, unwind and let go of all the burdens you don’t want to grin and bear.

LIBERATE YOUR BODY FROM YOUR DESK - The data is in: sitting is killing us. Learn daily interventions for reducing stiffness, stress, shoulder, neck, back pain and “mouse arm” using your desk in a novel way.

TRUST YOUR GUT: THE BODYWISDOM WAY - Learn how to trust your gut feeling by recovering the lost language of talking to your body. Intuition is your inner GPS. It talks through your belly!

MOVE YOUR BODY, RECHARGE YOUR CREATIVE MOJO - How you move, changes how you think and feel. To think outside the box you have to move outside your habitual movement repertoire. Learn the BodyWisdom Way to unlock creativity and innovative thinking.


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