Rekindling a Writer's Life...

Rekindling a writer’s life after 30 years of near silence is a scary proposition.

When my first book of poetry in English and Portuguese appeared in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1982, I wondered,

“What will my mother think?”

Now I wonder:

“What will my daughter think?


What’s the real fear here?

How does hiding my true heart serve anybody?

Our inner censors are worse than any public flogging.


The Naked Truth is about the world that begins at our skin and goes in, our intimate space.

Intimacy Equals Into Me You See.

Can I gently open up this intimate space to talk about bodies, love, attraction, sex, the many ways we touch and move each other physically and emotionally without making my daughter feel exposed?

Can I help us all see why we need to touch each other, move and inspire each other into action, allowing you to see into my private world so you have the courage to look into yours, opening hearts and minds, experiencing vulnerability as a strength?

Can I notice the voice in my head warning me we are in dangerous territory, proceed with caution and move forward anyway, slowly, with great awareness and grounded presence?

My passion, my purpose is to understand the mysteries of the body, how trauma, pain and suffering live in it, how love and compassionate touch transform pain, how love flows from one generation to another through two parents, how love streams between lovers and friends, nourishing and giving continuity to life. If I’ve got thirty years left on this planet I choose to study love because it’s the one thing we all want and can’t seem to get a grip on. It is the force of nature that can transform us all.

Someday after mastering wind, waves, tides and gravity, we shall harness the energies of love. And then, for the second time in the history of the world, Man will discover fire.

                                                                    Pierre Theilhard de Chardin


I choose fire walking.  It begins with a single step - the body in motion.