In the Beginning...

In the Beginning there was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God. - John 1:1

Encouraging letters for a writer reclaiming and rekindling her muse....

I write and I become divine inspiration, the breath of G-d.

The Divine Ms. J

Dawn AV Marie



Dawnzinha as my Brazilian soul sister, Monica, calls me when she wants to show me the love.

Tonight is my New Testament.

A Covenant with Myself to Write Myself Into Being. My Way.


I step into the darkness of heart and mind and just sit there, present, untilinner eyes adjust to the light and forms emerge from the ink.

Forms become letters on my page.

Letters: Ideas and Emotions.

Letters mostly in English but often in Portuguese as I am a bi-lingual woman living in two sound and gestural worlds, two cultures, two minds and hearts, two rhythms, two rhymes, two skins, two vocabularies of touch. Two postures, two gaits, two ways to laugh, two ways to roll my eyes, flirt and give you a kiss.An American Grrrll with a Brazilian Heart.

Killer Combo.


The Naked Truth is the story of how I came to appreciate the body’s wisdom hanging out with some outrageously courageous, socially suave Brazilians. It’s about reclaiming the pleasures and intelligence of the flesh, the kindness, resilience and courage in our hearts, power in the rightness of our words, the transformational potential of trance dance and the simple joy of everydayaffectionate touching andhonest emotional expression infusing love in every move we make.

Move Your Body, Move Your World.

That’s all it takes to bring about change.

May this be the end of the world as we know it and the beginning of the world as we sow it...