Body of Love

There are two streams of love flowing through our bodies at all times.

In his Symposium, Plato called them Common Love and Noble Love.

In modern terms I call them Love of Another Human and Love of God, or connection with the Divine Universal Force that nourishes all life.

They are strongest and transcendent when cultivated together.

Love of God is a vertical pillar. It enters your body through the top of your head, a silver light beam that fills your body then exits at your feet and connects you deep in the ground.

You determine the amount of flow by your faith, spiritual longing, understanding and awareness. This stream flows constantly, it is not polarized, and you can drink as much as you want. You just need to tap in.

God Love is a constant giving, open hands. How much are you ready to receive?

Love of Another Human is a polarized stream of love. This is the love most people have been taught to cultivate. It has a dual nature, masculine and feminine and it flows horizontally, from one human heart to another, in waves ofattraction, give and take. This is where the entanglements happen: insecurities, broken hearts, loss, betrayal, jealousy, abandonment, attachment to past pain, mixed messages, projections, fantasies, missed opportunities.

Rolling in the Deep, Grammy winner Adele’s song is all about an entanglement, the near miss of a perfect love. I am especially interested in how she describes what happened in her body:

“there’s a fire starting in my heart, and it’s bringing me out of the dark”

“the scars of your love they leave me breathless”

“you had my heart inside your head”

Adele describes a very real physical phenomenon of the pain caused when the giving and receiving in polarized love is uneven, when attraction is out of alignment, and unconscious factors are living in your body like depth charges, in the space between you and another human being.

Love of God and Love of Another Human Being are both pathways we walk for a lifetime.

If you want more of both, you have to dedicate more time to defusing the depth charges and cultivating your connections. Try hooking up to God first, then watch how it makes connecting to your Beloved a little easier...