How Family & Business Constellations Support Inspired Leaders

When my marriage and my business were going through a massive reorganization, I finally accepted how my personal life was affecting my business.  Most people still insist they can separate the two but I’ve never seen anyone do this successfully.

Family and Business Constellations offered me the embodied experience of how family issues became my business issues. The process made it possible to choose a new path unencumbered by my own past entangled emotions and the trauma and drama inherited from my family of origin that were bleeding into my private practice in massage and transformational bodywork.

Once the knotted feelings in me unraveled, love for myself, love for the family I built and love for the extended family I was a part of on 2 continents could flow freely again.  

When this new current of love awoke me, my business began to change in exciting, original ways that moved me deeply. New people and experiences showed up in my life to challenge me to drop deeper into the issues in my body tissues. The deeper I went, clearing out the emotional confusion, the more love opened up and flowed.  My heart’s deepest longings for public service for the wellbeing of all began to finally find full expression. 

Transformational Leadership: the BodyWisdom Way grew out of this inner process...

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Need more reading? These books have moved me most:

  • Love’s Hidden Symmetry: What Makes Love Work in Relationships by Bert Hellinger with Gunthard Weber and Hunter Beaumont.

  • Body, Spirit and Democracy by Don Hanlon Johnson