Transformational Leadership

“There are leaders who are at the center of an organization (college deans, board presidents, CEOs) and leaders who are at the heart of a movement (Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks, Gandhi). Those leaders at the heart are rarely in official, elected positions. They are independent of the political process, working for a higher purpose. Then there are those rare instances where the leader at the center is also at the heart. These are leaders that change the world.”     

- Max DePree, Chairman, Henry Miller Inc.


Vision, courage and purpose are the hallmarks of great leaders.

Transformational leaders blend these qualities with expansive, mindful, compassionate hearts and fluid, flexible, resilient bodies to build organizations and businesses that nourish the balance between life and work. We work to live, not live to work.

I never heard of anyone on his or her deathbed say “I wish I worked more.” We regret missing family time, quiet time and play, connectedness to our bodies and to each other. We keep sacrificing love to labor.

Transformational Leaders understand that this sacrifice is not worth the reward. Love and labor must balance dynamically for life to be fulfilling. We want interesting jobs that make a difference and we want to come home to loving arms, warm meals, lots of hugs and kisses and playtime. Our bodies, hearts and brains need all these activities to thrive!

Consumer capitalism as an economic system is collapsing because our bodies cannot stand constant consumption anymore, our minds cannot justify a system with such gross financial inequalities that are easily solvable yet persist. Our hearts know we are all headed for a mass grave if we don’t act yesterday. We know we are in trouble. But it is hard to move from the known to the unknown.

How do we learn to move?

How do we stand at the edge of annihilation & destruction, and at the same time we assist birth & creation?

We get there by learning to be present to the intimacy of ourselves, by being vulnerable, by living in this moment, holding everything in us and around us with equanimity.

We take a deep breath and slow down…

We make time for daily reflection. We question everything we think we know. We learn to work as groups and teams, supporting and challenging each other to be the best versions of ourselves.

We actually practice being our brothers’ and sisters’ keeper instead of uncomfortably averting our eyes when we see them begging at the mall.

Transformational leaders can hold this moving edge of creation and destruction in their bodies, their hearts and their minds. This is a true position of power, because all power and authority comes from within, from a deeper, higher ground. It is not derived from any other person. It is a process that questions all your answers. And ultimately invites you back into love. The most powerful force for change in the world continues to be love.

So how are we going to mine for love?

How are we going to get the taps flowing, the bodies engaged in joyous co-creation of this brave new world we are all longing to inhabit?

How will we untangle the traumas and the drama we are witnessing every night on the media?

The first step is to just STOP. Make the time to get to know and get to love yourself.

This is where transformational leadership begins. It begins by looking at ourselves honestly in the mirror. It begins by finally accepting it’s the simple things our bodies need to be well: clean food and water, a safe home, loving arms to hold us, and playful movement throughout the day. We need 11 daily doses, minimum, of hugs and kisses and pats on the back, recognition, high-fives and groovy moves as much as we need the cash to pay the smartphone bill.

What new businesses and organizations can we create that honor and nourish the body minds’ ability to conceive, to believe and then achieve a sustainable way of being?

This is the basis of a new economy, a conscious capitalism 3.0.

We must slow down and nourish the body, feed our hearts. We need to pause to heal the trauma in our hearts. Then love will spread like a wildfire.

BodyWisdom Transformational Leadership can be your guide. It is a process created by Dawn Marie Jordan for leaders of tribes large and small. It teaches the self-awareness skills, the body and heart care that will carry participants a lifetime. It introduces clients to other transformational leaders who will be mastermind partners for the long haul as we reimagine and reinvent our global economy and business relationships to live in harmony with the natural world and at peace with each other.

When we finally heal the gender war, when we can finally feel the relationship between every breath we take and every leaf exhaling around us we will have created a true legacy of health and wealth.

Love will become a wildfire.

“Someday after mastering wind, waves, tides and gravity we will shall harness the energies of love. And then, for the second time in the history of the world, man will discover fire.”      

- Pierre Theilhard de Chardin


If you feel called to this quest send an email to In two lines, please include, your name, your phone number, the nature of your quest and why you would be a good fit for BodyWisdom Transformational Leadership training. To request more info, please contact Dawn at 857-294-1416.